The 11 less inhabited Greek islands

Visit islands like Santorini, Mykonos and Crete, according to the British Telegraph: from «direct flights, reliable hotels and nice nightlife. But for those who want to make a change, there are a dozen islands that are places of tranquility and escape from the crowds... More »

10 most exotic Greek beaches

Turquoise waters, white sand, incredibly landscapes … No, we don’t describe a secret island in the Caribbean or the exotic beaches of the Indian Ocean. Its truth Mediterranean is not famous for the palm trees, and the rule for Aegean sea is the deep blue, not the absolute emerald, but the Greek coastline is not devoid of exotic beaches. More »

See which are the 9 best islands in Greece for Holiday

A tribute to the nine most beautiful Greek islands did the American network CNN, according to those who prefer the tourists. More »

Koufonisia: Welcome to Paradise

Koufonisia consist of two islands, the Ano and Kato Koufonisi, and belong to the complex of Small East Cyclades. More »

Poros, an erotic and serene Island

The beautiful beaches, turquoise waters, dense vegetation and low hills make up an idyllic landscape. More »

Aegean islands image gallery part one

Today we have some great and original images of Aegean islands, Cyclades and the Dodekanese. More »

The most beautiful sunsets in Greece!

Everyone at some point, where left amazed at the sight of a sunset, let alone in our country that the sun is never lost! More »


Amazing Sophia Caldera Suites in Santorini

Sophia Caldera Suites on Santorini

Santorini is one of the most amazing islands allover the world that worth to visit. It will be hard to choose accommodation as the island has some stunning hotels. For example Sophia Caldera Suites which offers beautiful, spacious, luxury living

Limeni An amazing seaside village in Mani, Peloponnese

Limeni mani6

Limeni the old settlement of family Mavromichali, is a coastal village of Mani and one of the nicest and most traditional villages of the region. Located within 5 miles of Aeropoli and about 27 km from Githeio. The village is

Escape to the charming Epidaurus

charming Epidaurus1

Epidaurus a journey through time Listening someone to the word Epidaurus comes to mind definitely the Ancient Theatre. Apart from the famous ancient theater there are other reasons to visit this beautiful place. The land of Epidaurus county Argolida is

Hotel bathrooms with breathtaking Greece views


Many of us judge a hostel / hotel based rooms and private areas. We are not few, in fact, that we attach great importance to the design and decor of the bathroom. When it comes to bathrooms that offer stunning

Mykonos the «queen» of the Aegean Sea

Mykonos, Greece1

The «queen» of the Aegean Among the streets, next to the churches, behind the freshly painted shutters, through an alive island living, the heavenly beaches and the liveliness of the night, Mykonos remains the «queen» of the Aegean Sea. Mykonos

Explore Crete (Video)

moments in Crete1

Just a moment … not enough to «fit» all the beauties of Crete. But is it enough to get a taste of all that can offer you. Moments in Crete – Embrace them and let them become your best memories.

Travel to the best beaches in Greece for 2015

balos crete, greece

Travel site travels us to the most beautiful Greek beaches and makes us even for a little get away and dreaming of summer vacations. The largest website for travel information announced the most famous Greek beaches in the world

The 11 less inhabited Greek islands

xalki island, greece

The British Telegraph chooses for the readers the 11 least inhabited Greek islands can be visited whoever wants tranquility. There are many reasons to visit islands like Santorini, Mykonos and Crete, according to the British Telegraph: from «direct flights, reliable

Aegean islands image gallery part one

Aegean islands image gallery

Today we have some great and original images of Aegean islands, Cyclades and the Dodekanese. We won’t say more words and we will leave images to speak for us…enjoy them part one…

Tripoli a modern city of Peloponnesos

Tripoli (kolokotronis_statue)

Tripoli is in the middle of  Peloponnesos and is the largest city and capital of the prefecture of Arcadia, located at an altitude of 650 meters, the verdant plateau of Mantinea, under the imposing Menalo. From the 17th century onwards,it