Seven small islets count Itea, in front of her beach. Seven lonely islands scattered in the sea and looking like small ornaments, adding their own touch to the beautiful scenery.

The three most well known of these are Agios Athanasios, Agios Dimitrios, and Agios Konstantinos. The latter, though a little one, carries his own great story. On the islet, there is the homonymous chapel of Sts Constantine and Helen.

Mykonos the «queen» of the Aegean Sea

Agios Konstantinos is the second of the seven islets of Itea and was built during the Ottoman domination. According to the “Chronicle of Galaxidi”, during the Revolution on the islet, there was a hospital. Today, however, it is not inhabited every year on 21 May on St. Constantine and Helen’s day, celebrating the chapel, the island is flooded by believers who arrive with fishermen.

The two islands, Agios Konstantinos and Agios Athanasios, were previously connected with a stone bridge. Indeed, its remnants still appear in the water. Its length is determined at about 200 meters and its construction is placed in Byzantine times.







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