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Tripoli a modern city of Peloponnesos

Tripoli is in the middle of  Peloponnesos and is the largest city and capital of the prefecture of Arcadia, located at an altitude of 650 meters, the verdant plateau of Mantinea, under the imposing Menalo. From the 17th century onwards,it

The picturesque town of Agios Nikolaos, Crete

Agios Nikolaos or Agios as said by the Cretans, is the capital of Lasithi. The city’s name is due to the small Byzantine church with frescoes of the 8th, 10th and 11th century, situated in the bay of Saint Nicholas.

Ioannina the capital city of Epirus

Ioannina, often is called Yannena, built on the banks of the lake Pamvotida, the pictures shown is the town of Ioannina is also the capital of Hpirus. Ioannina combines a long history and a social, cultural and economic activity and

The cozy town of Grevena

The cozy town of Grevena in Western Macedonia is the capital of the prefecture of  Grevena from November 2007 officially proclaimed “City of Mushroom”. Combine the traditional flavours with romantic walks in the city, which today is one of the

Kastoria, the charming city

The charming city of Kastoria, in the western end of Western Macedonia, built on the peninsula of the namesake lake at an altitude of 703 meters above sea level, between the mountain Vitsi and line. Surrounded by the lake and

Nafplio α special place full of natural beauties

Nafplio was the first capitalof the Greek State. A city that “smells” history in every corner, Nafplion is one of the favorite destination, even for a day trip. The two most eligible Venetians  castles, Palamidi and Acronauplia and the romantic