The 11 less inhabited Greek islands

Visit islands like Santorini, Mykonos and Crete, according to the British Telegraph: from «direct flights, reliable hotels and nice nightlife. But for those who want to make a change, there are a dozen islands that are places of tranquility and escape from the crowds... More »

10 most exotic Greek beaches

Turquoise waters, white sand, incredibly landscapes … No, we don’t describe a secret island in the Caribbean or the exotic beaches of the Indian Ocean. Its truth Mediterranean is not famous for the palm trees, and the rule for Aegean sea is the deep blue, not the absolute emerald, but the Greek coastline is not devoid of exotic beaches. More »

See which are the 9 best islands in Greece for Holiday

A tribute to the nine most beautiful Greek islands did the American network CNN, according to those who prefer the tourists. More »

Koufonisia: Welcome to Paradise

Koufonisia consist of two islands, the Ano and Kato Koufonisi, and belong to the complex of Small East Cyclades. More »

Poros, an erotic and serene Island

The beautiful beaches, turquoise waters, dense vegetation and low hills make up an idyllic landscape. More »

Aegean islands image gallery part one

Today we have some great and original images of Aegean islands, Cyclades and the Dodekanese. More »

The most beautiful sunsets in Greece!

Everyone at some point, where left amazed at the sight of a sunset, let alone in our country that the sun is never lost! More »


Nymphaeum the village with colors and fragrances enviable

All year round they honor and dress with colors and fragrances enviable. Images unique architecture, tradition, history. All the stories of lovers surfers village are true! See Nimfaio like a painting, as one of the most beautiful paintings of Greece

Fodele El Greco village

Fodele is  the village of City Council Maleviziou. Inspiring fodele is a amazing site of green, aromatic and non-stop water, one, a village with a lot and full of oranges and lemon trees. A beautiful place with historic and mythos.

Agios Thomas, the village of eternity rocks

Agios Thomas, is a village that is perched up high in the Cretan midlands surrounded by huge boulders and sheer rock formations. Located 30km from Heraklion at an altitude of 530 metres above sea level it sits in a commanding

The Most Beautiful Monasteries Of Greece

They are carved into the cliffs and steep slopes, are some of the most beautiful monasteries in Greece in the most photogenic poses. Engage in an eerie charm us all. Perched on top of lush mountains, carved into the cliffs

Irakleia-one of the Small Cyclades

In the Cyclades, between Naxos and Ios, is a small island with an area of only 18 km² ιs Irakleia, the westernmost inhabited island of the so-called Small East Cyclades. Irakleia is a peaceful place, ideal for rest and relaxation. It

Winter escape to the beautiful Pelion

Pelion, the mountain of the mythical Centaurs, is a leading destination appropriate for all seasons. A winter escape to one of the wonderful villages of Pelion is what you need to relax, to fill your lungs with clean mountain air

Symi the Castle of the Knights and the little fisherman Michalaki

Symi is a beautiful, small and tranquil island, like painting the edge of the Aegean Sea, with colorful graphics neoclassical houses are built along the slopes of the surrounding hills and the particular architecture of that travel in one place,

Korischades the conservation village of Rumeli

Small village of Rumeli, are Korischades who «wrote» story, as it is the place where you met during WWII, after Panhellenic secret elections, the National Council, which consisted of representatives of most regions of Greece. Today is a beautiful destination

The picturesque town of Agios Nikolaos, Crete

Agios Nikolaos or Agios as said by the Cretans, is the capital of Lasithi. The city’s name is due to the small Byzantine church with frescoes of the 8th, 10th and 11th century, situated in the bay of Saint Nicholas.

The most beautiful sunsets in Greece!

Everyone at some point, where left amazed at the sight of a sunset, let alone in our country that the sun is never lost! We present some of the most beautiful sunsets you could enjoy one in our country!