Hallstatt: A dreamy village in Austria

It is a dreamy place, reminiscent of a postcard image. It is surrounded by fir trees, a romantic lake and overlooks the Alps. The reason for the famous Hallstatt, the city that everyone wants to visit in Austria. Hallstatt is a relatively small Austrian town between the secular Salzburg and Graz, built amphitheatrically at 508 meters on the shores of Lake Hallstättersee, at the foot of the Alps.

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Dito Tediashvili has traveled to many villages in Europe, but few have been impressed with it, such as Hallstatt, which characterizes it like a fairytale destination.

He recently traveled to Hallstatt, capturing the snow, proving to be a particularly popular travel destination.

Hallstatt’s history goes back a long way, as it is one of the oldest settlements in Old Epirus, so it is one of the protected places in Europe by UNESCO. It currently has about 1,000 permanent residents.

Hallstatt: A city for postcards
If you are looking for a romantic getaway, a nature trip or just a solo trip for meditation then Hallstatt is a perfect choice. This romantic city is as though it has come out of fairy tale pages. It is one of the most photographed areas in the world and is ideal for a year-round getaway. The chalets with fireplaces and the snowy slopes of the Alps follow the blooming, stone paths and cause a walk on the lake.

At Hallstatt, you will find many spectacular caves to visit, impressive places for amphitheatric photos, prehistoric and archaeological sites, and for winter sports enthusiasts it is a hotspot. The architecture of the area is also remarkable, and the fine flavors are not missing from the trip there.

Don’t leave Hallstatt unless:
You see the ice cave with the underground lake
Take a photo at the famous lake
Visit the salt mine
See the old artifacts of the area at the Museum of Cultural Heritage
Walking around the city (it’s about 1 hour)
You are boating on the lake







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