Three villages which have all the characteristics that you feel you’re part of the story that takes place in Laconia west, north and south of Monemvasia.
Gerakas, Lakonias1
The determined traveler for Laconia, ruled not to visit Monemvasia, the castle is like something out of a fairy tale. And it sounds logical since there is no driver or visitor not extols the uniqueness. The glamor of Monemvasia but rather influenced that beauty of the coastal fishing village of Laconia, is not known to many!
Starting from the north of Monemvasia, where we find the Kiparisi. Approximately 20km, where the slopes end of the Parnona Kiparisi is one of the villages of Zaraka

The whitewashed village with tiled roofs consisting of three small coastal settlements: Fountain, built beneath the ancient Temple of Asclepius which is carved in the rock, near the sources of Atalante and old mills, the beach and the harbor Cathedral.
Kiparisi, lakonias1
Kiparisi, lakonias2
Kiparisi, lakonias
The picture to visitor Gerakas is really fabulous! A narrow sea channel which penetrates the mainland, creating a unique known Greek fjord landscapes. Gerakas beach with white houses at the entrance of the fjord giving recitals picturesque! Strikes me that such a beautiful landscape has become top destination! Is this the influence of Monemvasia rather imposed on the surrounding area.
Between Kiparisi and hawk dominates the Monastery of the Annunciation over the sea! The strange thing is that the monastery has two churches into one another, and particular artistic value is the image Unwithering Rose.” From the monastery overlooking the Sea Myrtoo just catch the eye!
Gerakas, Lakonias
Velanidia grows a kilometer from the sea, on the slopes of the mountain on the southern tip of Parnona, but overlooking the endless blue. We just before the legendary Cape Malea. The houses all white with colored roofs and windows. It is a mixture of island and mountain village. Above the village is dominated by the large rock in a cavity which nestles the white chapel of St. John.
Visiting all three villages, just note that Greece is inexhaustible! Every corner is simply a revelation!
Velanidia, Lakonias