Fried snails (Hohl(o)i mpoumpourist(o)i)

Fried snails 1(Hohli mpoumpouristi) Fried snails

The fried snails are one of the tastiest dishes in Crete.

 Before we begin with the recipe let’s go for a walk in Crete nature and begin to collect the snails.

The snails we have gathered have to stay for a while in a well -ventilated container, which we have closed with a net and we throw spaghetti inside. This way they will be ready for baking later, without any danger to our health.

Let’s start the company song and start cooking.

After we get 1kg of snails (ranked individuals of the group), start the washing and cleaning and wipe them with a towel.

Sprinkle the bottom of a pan with salt, and we put  the pan on top of the fire and the like are alive placed into the pan, with the shell upwards (the temperature causes them to be pulled into the housing by pulling and salt), having dry the fluids put oil to fry a little and pour in vinegar and fly into the pan and small pieces of rosemary (Cretan thyme) for the ultimate taste.

And while the company is in couplets with mirth and wine,  snails that comes too are fragrant with fries.

Remember: Good company, snails , wine, and lyra, mandolino and get in the mood  of mirth and mandinades.

Enjoy your fried snails.

Fried snails 2

Fried snails 3

Fried snails

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