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Dimitsana the beautiful village of Arcadia

Amphitheater built on two opposing hills above the gorge of Lousios River, the historic Dimitsana is across a living museum of folk architecture. The conservation village of welcoming travelers on a fascinating journey through time with stone streets, houses and

A walk in Pelion and welcoming Vizitsa

Renovated old mansions, stately towers, joined by a rich network of well preserved cobbled streets and a genuine Pelion landscape greet travellers in welcoming Vizitsa. The conservation village of one of the most attentive of Greece, and characterized a living

Vradeto the highest village in Zagori

Vradeto the highest village in Zagori, but also one of the oldest as well as evidence for the existence of the beginning of 1616. Situated on a rock, which is on three sides of the Vikos Gorge and back of

Kissos the most beautiful village of Pelion

One of the most beautiful villages of Pelion, Kissos is built amphitheater at an altitude of 520 meters, immersed in the green, beech, chestnut and all kinds of trees to surround him. The position of the designated as a traditional

Karystos the picturesque town

The picturesque town of Karystos is built in a beautiful bay on the southern tip of Evia charms its visitors and is ideal walking route from Athens. You can get here by road from Halkida, and by ferry from Rafina

Elatochori a fairytale in Olympus

The breathtaking views of the legendary Mount Olympus and the wild beauty of the mountainous nature with dense forests, can win every visitor. Elatohori welcomes you in one of the most famous winter resorts in the region. The village is

Gerakas, Kiparisi, Velanidia Laconias: three unknown fairytale villages overlooking the Myrtoo Sea

Three villages which have all the characteristics that you feel you’re part of the story that takes place in Laconia west, north and south of Monemvasia.   The determined traveler for Laconia, ruled not to visit Monemvasia, the castle is

Mithymna (Molyvos): A Traditional town with color and romantic atmosphere

Traditional preserved medieval town with color and romantic atmosphere, Mithymna, known as Molyvos, preserves its image over the centuries and has loyal friends. Inhabited since prehistoric times , has been one of the most important ancient cities of the island, home

Loutro village: A popular resort with crystal clear waters

Loutró is a small seaside village on the south coast of Chania. Between Hora Sfakion and Agia Roumeli, where the Samaria gorge ends. Crystal clear waters and the hospitality of the local people made Loutro a popular resort for many

Assos a magical village in Kefalonia island

Assos is a small and charming village located in the island of Kefalonia. Today, it counts about one hundred inhabitants and is one of the most charming spots of the island.  Assos village is built on a small peninsula reflecting