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The island of Samothrace that located in Thracian Sea, is known worldwide because of the famous ancient Winged goddess of victory, which was found in 1863 on the island and now exhibited in the LouvreMuseum, yet was known for Kaveiria Mysteries, occult ceremonies.

The beauty and particularity of the island due to the wild unspoiled nature with steep mountains, rich flora and fauna, forests, springs, waterfalls, small lakes along the streams on the slopes of Mt.

Worth visiting the Archaeological Site Palaiopolis – Sanctuary of the Great Gods, located to the north of the island and the Museum. Main attraction of the island in a dense forest is the podium.
Most beaches have pebbles and crystal clear icy waters. The most beautiful of all is the endless gray beach in Gardens and beach Pachia Ammos.

Enjoy the famous goat of Samothrace and spicy cheese and traditional sweet praousti. The afternoon drink your coffee in the cafes and enjoy the nightlife of the island restaurants and Bar.
A journey from antiquity until today that is unforgettable.
Good accommodation.

Greece-Samothraki Island

Kipos beach in Samothraki

lagoon of Fonias river, Samothraki island, Greece


Samothraki  Greek Goddess of victory

Samothraki island, Greece

Samothraki, Greece1

Samothraki, Greece2

Samothraki, Greece


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