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Island Hopping in Greece: A Guide to Unforgettable Adventures

Island Hopping in Greece: A Guide to Unforgettable Adventures Discover the Enchantment of the Greek Isles Greece, a nation of sun-kissed islands scattered across the azure Aegean and Ionian Seas, invites travelers to an island-hopping adventure like no other. Each

Escape to the charming Epidaurus

Epidaurus a journey through time Listening someone to the word Epidaurus comes to mind definitely the Ancient Theatre. Apart from the famous ancient theater there are other reasons to visit this beautiful place. The land of Epidaurus county Argolida is

Unforgettable summer in the beautiful island of Kalymnos

Kalymnos is the fourth largest island of the Dodecanese and has emerged as an alternative holiday destination One of the most unique islands of the Dodecanese, the charming Kalymnos, the famous island of sponge retains its authenticity and invites you

Koufonisia: Welcome to Paradise

Koufonisia consist of two islands, the Ano and Kato Koufonisi, and belong to the complex of Small East Cyclades. Separated by a narrow strait 200m. Geographically, the encounters three miles southeast of Naxos and west of Amorgos. They belong to

Limnos the island of Hephaestus

Rare natural phenomena, petrified forest, a castle, tame deers, traditional villages like amazing paintings, rich history and vibrant nightlife, sites that are lost in the mists of time and over 100 beaches. Limnos, known as the island of Hephaestus is

The Amazing Preveli Palm Beach and River

Preveli is located about 35km south of Rethymno , the  beach of Preveli is also known as Prevelis Lake or Phoenix located at the exit of the gorge Kourtaliotiko , where palm trees and feel the African landscape . At

Delos an Island with Fascinating Greek history

From its union with Zeus Leto aquired Apollo and Artemis. Hra put the terrible serpent Python and chased her throughout the pregnancy,  eventually with the help of Athena which was transformed into a wolf arrived at Delos, where she gave

Loutro village: A popular resort with crystal clear waters

Loutró is a small seaside village on the south coast of Chania. Between Hora Sfakion and Agia Roumeli, where the Samaria gorge ends. Crystal clear waters and the hospitality of the local people made Loutro a popular resort for many

Nafplio α special place full of natural beauties

Nafplio was the first capitalof the Greek State. A city that “smells” history in every corner, Nafplion is one of the favorite destination, even for a day trip. The two most eligible Venetians  castles, Palamidi and Acronauplia and the romantic

Aegina a magical island

Aegina the largest island in the Saronic Gulf and you will be there in about one hour and 15 minutes with normal ferry or in 35 minutes with the fast ferryboat. Aegina attracts so many people to use their precious holiday

Thirasia: A small Santorini of 1960

A small unknown island off the premier global destination Santorini. And yet ultimately seems so distant Therasia. In everyones mind Santorini is t the destination that will want to visit with his or her mate , admire the enchanted Oia

Assos a magical village in Kefalonia island

Assos is a small and charming village located in the island of Kefalonia. Today, it counts about one hundred inhabitants and is one of the most charming spots of the island.  Assos village is built on a small peninsula reflecting