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Epidaurus a journey through time

Listening someone to the word Epidaurus comes to mind definitely the Ancient Theatre. Apart from the famous ancient theater there are other reasons to visit this beautiful place.

The land of Epidaurus county Argolida is situated at the foot of Arachnaio, Top and Tithio, where, according to mythology, was born Asclepius. New Epidaurus is built inside of a steep cliff, in a position that made it invisible from the sea which is very close.

Very important attraction is the Castle of New Epidaurus, which in 1205 received the possession of the Venetians. New Epidaurus is located about 130 km from Athens and passing one of the beautiful forest of Sofiko reaches this different city in Greece.

Ancient Epidaurus in the northeastern part of Argolida is built on the ruins of the ancient city of Epidaurus and is a harmonious link between the mountain and the sea. Clear blue waters and rugged beaches, historical and beautiful hillsides make the area an ideal destination for visitors. The diamond natural beauty of the area combined with the history enchant anyone been there even for a few days. The picturesque port, the pine-covered slopes, friendly people and scenic places in the region will fascinate you from the beginning of your visit.
The beaches are ideal for those who prefer quiet relaxation while trees reach almost into the water. Visitors can also wander through beautiful trails and paths that will bring them in contact with nature and will make him escape from everyday life.
Epidaurus TheatreOf course whoever been in the area must visit theater of Epidaurus. Built in 340 BC It is a gem not only for the region but for the whole of Greece. The best preserved ancient theater has a capacity of 13,000 spectators and is divided into two parts and is considered the finest ancient Greek theater in terms of acoustics and aesthetics.
It is one of the places in Greece surely must know and take a trip through time and history The beauty and historical evidence that will meet your every step will fascinate you.
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