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Amazing Greece – Photo Gallery

Greece is history, sun, sea, beaches, traditional food, amazing islands….Greece is colors, joy, nightlife, music, archeological site…Greece is a way to live…Greece are feeling.

Amorgos The Magic Island

Big  Blue. If a phrase can hide  the particular beauty of this island in it , this is no other than the title of the film by Luc Besson filmed here in the mid 80s. Strong winds, white villages and

Oinousses the Island of Shipowners

Oinousses is a cluster of rocks in the eastern Aegean Sea, with a total area of ​​17.4 km tetr.oinousses, belonging to the Regional Unit of Chios, the island was famous in antiquity for its fine wine, some believe that the

Angistri – A small paradise near Athens

Angistri is a small island in Saronic Gulf with beautiful sandy beaches,crystal-clear waters,and traditional colors, and it is just a short ferry boat trip from Athens It was one of the first islands to have a nudist beach, and  it still