Oinousses is a cluster of rocks in the eastern Aegean Sea, with a total area of ​​17.4 km tetr.oinousses, belonging to the Regional Unit of Chios, the island was famous in antiquity for its fine wine, some believe that the root of the word “wine” derives its name Oinousses. Some others believe that the name Egnousa like using the inhabitants from the ancient name of the plant wicker “ignorance” that exists on the island.
The architecture of the island is traditional, red-tiled houses, and paved paths. The harbour of Oinousses is small but hosts a large number of yachts, especially in summer, and fishing boats.
The most famous sight of the island is the Monastery of Evangelismos of Virgin Mary. It was founded in 1964 and has some amazing frescoes.
The island of Oinousses is daily linked to Chios town, unless you have your own yachtOinousses
The island has been known as the motherland of sailors for many generations.The biggest shipowning names of the Greek shipping community have their origin in Oinousses.

This is a very closed small community and the visitor should not expect either a cosmopolitan life or tourist amenities. The inhabitants are all well off and they support themselves and all the needs of their island.There is plenty of fish and the local dish is boureklikia ( a pie with grass). So if you are on Chios and you wish to get a glimpse of where the shipping tycoons were born and have their traditional houses, take time and go by boat to this tiny complex of islands. It is indeed a different experience.




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