Arki island, Greece5

East of Patmos and north west of Lipsi, Arki  is a cluster of islands with beautiful beaches, bushes and a few trees.

The largest of the islands of the group is the homonym settlement. The harbor, safe and sheltered, hidden deep in the typical fjord forming the western shores of the island. A few old stone houses, newly built houses and taverns compose the settlement.

Points of interest are the churches of the island (Virgin Pandanassa, Metamorphosis of Savior and Saints Anargyroi), the cave and the ruins of a small castlefortress of Arkon, probably built during the Hellenistic Era.

During the summer months excursion boats from Patmos to carry daily Arkous a large number of tourists, who enjoy the peaceful scenery and the wonderful waters on beaches Limnari, Kapsaliasmeno and Tiganakia and in coves and Patelia Ambelaki (near the village).

In Marathi island, opposite the largest island of the Arkon, interest the excellent beach and the church of St. Nicholas.

Arki island, Greece2

Arki island, Greece3

Arki island, Greece4

Arki island, Greece


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