Santorini Volcano History video

Santorini Volcano

Santorini Volcano

Based on researches from several scientests, institutes and universities. Made by Nikos Korakakis.

Thera: Some 3,500 years ago, an event of cataclysmic proportions rocked the Mediterranean. The volcano at Thera (later known as the Greek island of Santorini) exploded with what is estimated at four to five times the eruptive force of Krakatoa in 1883, blowing a hole into the Aegean isle. The great seafaring Minoan civilization, the dominant Greek culture of the time, withered away after clouds of ash enveloped its cities and great tsunami waves smashed its fleets.

See an amazing below and learn about Santorini Volcano History 


Santorini Volcano1

Santorini Volcano2

Santorini Volcano3

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