The 11 less inhabited Greek islands

xalki island, greece

The British Telegraph chooses for the readers the 11 least inhabited Greek islands can be visited whoever wants tranquility.

11 less inhabited Greek islands

There are many reasons to visit islands like Santorini, Mykonos and Crete, according to the British Telegraph: from «direct flights, reliable hotels and nice nightlife. But for those who want to make a change, there are a dozen islands that are places of tranquility and escape from the crowds and where the movement can be made with donkeys .. What are these islands of absolute serenity?

kastelorizo island Kastelorizo

xalki island, greece Xalki

agathonisi greek island Agathonisi

anafi greek island Anafi

donousa greek island Donousa

hrakleia greek island Hrakleia

koufonhsia greek islands Koufonhsia

marathi greek island Marathi

psara greek islands Psara

sikinos greek island Sikinos

sxoinousa greek island Sxoinousa

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