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Limeni An amazing seaside village in Mani, Peloponnese

Limeni mani6

Limeni the old settlement of family Mavromichali, is a coastal village of Mani and one of the nicest and most traditional villages of the region. Located within 5 miles of Aeropoli and about 27 km from Githeio. The village is

Nymphaeum the village with colors and fragrances enviable


All year round they honor and dress with colors and fragrances enviable. Images unique architecture, tradition, history. All the stories of lovers surfers village are true! See Nimfaio like a painting, as one of the most beautiful paintings of Greece

Fodele El Greco village

El Creco

Fodele is  the village of City Council Maleviziou. Inspiring fodele is a amazing site of green, aromatic and non-stop water, one, a village with a lot and full of oranges and lemon trees. A beautiful place with historic and mythos.

Agios Thomas, the village of eternity rocks

Kavalaris the rocks

Agios Thomas, is a village that is perched up high in the Cretan midlands surrounded by huge boulders and sheer rock formations. Located 30km from Heraklion at an altitude of 530 metres above sea level it sits in a commanding

Korischades the conservation village of Rumeli


Small village of Rumeli, are Korischades who «wrote» story, as it is the place where you met during WWII, after Panhellenic secret elections, the National Council, which consisted of representatives of most regions of Greece. Today is a beautiful destination

Leonidion the graphic Village

Leonidio The red rock with three windmills

Between the slopes of Parnonas and Myrtoo Sea stands at the graphicpictures Leonidion one of the most beautiful cities of the Peloponnisos. An ideal city for alternative tourism, families who want relaxation and peace lovers of nature and natural beauty.

Papigo the traditional village in Zagoria


One of the most beautiful and popular villages of Zagori is Papigo village of the 14th century, built on the slopes of Tymfi at an altitude of 960 meters. It consists of two «neighborhoods», the Big and Small Papigo. Papigo

Lagadia – the «Hanging Village in Peloponnese»


The traditional village of Lagadia, the «hanging village in the Peloponnese», as called by old, is a masterpiece of natural and architectural. Built on a steep slope of Mainalo, in the rich  lush green vegetation, seems to hang over the

Dimitsana the beautiful village of Arcadia


Amphitheater built on two opposing hills above the gorge of Lousios River, the historic Dimitsana is across a living museum of folk architecture. The conservation village of welcoming travelers on a fascinating journey through time with stone streets, houses and

A walk in Pelion and welcoming Vizitsa


Renovated old mansions, stately towers, joined by a rich network of well preserved cobbled streets and a genuine Pelion landscape greet travellers in welcoming Vizitsa. The conservation village of one of the most attentive of Greece, and characterized a living